Gaming and how it doesn’t matter what you play

This week, IGN posted a game scoop video featuring Daemon Hatfield, Greg Miller, Justin Davis and Colin Moriarty; discussing how they define gamers and what a gamer means to them. As always, I very much agreed with Colin, I feel we should embrace anyone who plays any games on any platform. The Xbox, Playsation, Wii U, PC, 3DS, Vita etc. are all part of the industry and I love the industry and want to see it grow. It does not matter at all what games we are playing because whatever it is, it is good for the industry. That is what we should be talking about. It doesn’t matter if someone plays only Call of Duty or Madden and it also doesn’t matter if someone only plays “indie” games. Each purchase is benefiting the bigger picture, which in the long run will lead to more diverse experiences. As Colin said, it would suck if we all liked the same thing and there was no diversion in the world, then we wouldn’t get great games like Journey or Resogun or The Pupeteer. We need to give developers confidence and to do that, we just need to keep buying their products and supporting them.

In my opinion, I am a “gamer” as such and I love to play video games such as Bioshock, Dark Souls and The Last of US. However, what I find more fascinating is looking at the industry and analysing it, seeing how games sell and look at what trends developers are following in order to sell their products. Looking at the business side of the industry for me is more incredible than playing a game and that’s my opinion. Sure, people will hate on me and won’t call me a gamer because playing games in my view is not the best part about the industry. As I’ve said, I love to play games but I prefer  to talk about them and share my views on a controversial scene or a disappointing ending or dull characters or an incredible story.

To finish, Colin Moriarty has always said that “we should vote with our wallet” in order to control the games that developers and publishers are bringing out. In this case, just make sure you are actually doing the voting. Buy anything. Literally anything. FIFA, Vanquish, Ninja Gaiden, Resident Evil and so on. No purchase is a bad thing for the industry, just remember that. If someone hates on you for liking on something, screw them. It’s about your experience and what appeals to you, no one else matters and no one else should care because gaming is all about who you are and what you bring to the experience.


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